Chelsea coach in traction
CHELSEA Football Club senior coach Tim Scott-Branagan remains in the Alfred Hospital after sustaining a neck injury in last Sunday week’s match against Seaford. Scott-Branagan underwent surgery last Wednesday to stabilise a broken facet bone between two vertebrae. The procedure involved the insertion of a metal plate. He is expected to have more surgery this Wednesday, his 31st birthday.
Scott-Branagan’s father-in-law Ross Grant said he was unlikely to play football again.
“He’s a very lucky boy … the doctor told him he came within 2mm of  severing the cord,” he said.
Chelsea player Mitch Grant, Scott-Branagan’s brother-in-law, said Scott-Branagan dived on the ball in the second quarter “and a couple of bodies fell on him.”
“There was nothing malicious in it or anything like that,” he said.
“He just went for a contested ball and there was a collision.”
Scott-Branagan walked off with the trainers and was taken to Sandringham Hospital and then transferred to The Alfred.
His neck was put in traction the following day.
Chelsea president Colin Caffyn said the club was shaken by its coach’s injury.
“It’s an absolutely dreadful thing to happen, getting hurt in such a dangerous place, but hopefully there will be no long term consequences,” he said.
“We’re just thinking of his family at the moment. It’s a very traumatic time for them.”
Seaford coach Paul Kennedy said everybody at his club wished Scott-Branagan a strong recovery.
Scott-Branagan is in his third season at Chelsea. He steered the Seagulls to the Grand Final in 2004 and won the League Best and Fairest last season.
“He’s a very lucky boy … the doctor told him he came within 2mm of severing the cord.”
Chelsea is on top of the ladder with ten wins, three losses and a draw.
In Scott-Branagan’s absence, chairman of selectors Justin Crough and reserves coach Mark Hornsey took charge of the senior team on Saturday.
Ref:  “Chelsea Leader”—31st July, 2006.

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