Stuart, Ray

Ray Stuart


Career: 1969, 1971 - 1975
Senior Games: 77
Reserves Games:
3rds Games:

Premiers 1964 … Coach, “Tiger Collins”
• Played several games in first season (member of Premiership playing group/ not a premiership player).
Premiers 1966… Coach, John “Tich” Brown
• Premiership player.
Premiers 1968 – Coach, Tom Gray
• Premiership player.
Premiers 1970 … Coach Bob Westcott
• Premiership Player.
Played first Senior XV111 game Rounds 1, 2, 3 of 1969 …due to injury (Knee) missed the remaining rounds of 1969 and all home games in 1970.
• Played Reserves finals series in 1970.
• Missed all of 1971 (knee injury)
• Played Seniors-XV111,  1972, 73, 74, 75…
• Injured knee in preseason 1976 … did not play in 76 and never played again.

A man with blue and white blood coursing through his veins, Ray Stuart has been one of the football club’s greatest supporters for over fifty years.
Ray joined the Seagulls as a junior in 1964 and played in two junior and one seconds premiership before having to retire due to a serious knee injury.
Slightly perturbed but determined to stay involved, ‘Stuey’ has maintained an active interest in the club and the MPFL ever since.
Serving on the committee in all manner of roles, he has been the ‘go to’ man in times of crisis. On two occasions he has returned to the club to lead it out of the ‘shadows of darkness,’ and back to a state of financial health and on-field success.
Taking his lead from former mentors Claude Dowse and his right hand man Frank Parsons, ‘Stuey’ was able to take positive pro-active decisions at critical times, ensuring the club’s continued viability and success. He was able to make hard decisions with conviction, confident that he had learned his lessons well from the masters.
Ray’s contribution to the Club, and the Peninsula League, have earned him great respect from those who have formed an association with him.
He has received some highly acclaimed service awards from the V. C. F. L., Rotary and the M. P. F. L. for his service to the community.
The club will long be indebted to Ray for his amazing leadership, particularly in times of need.

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