Lisa Donnellan and Steph Aarsman 100 Games with Chelsea

23 June 2021
This weekend in Rd 12 Lisa Donnellan and Stephanie Aarsman play their 100th Game with Chelsea Football Netball Club.

Lisa has been at the club for over 10 years and has made huge contributions to the club as both a player and a coach.

Lisa played in the first netball team Chelsea ever had and has represented the club in a profound manner ever since. As a player Lisa is highly skilled, super smart and very creative, she always gives her best and expects a high standard from herself.

As a coach Lisa has been instrumental in where the club is at today and the success we are seeing. It’s through many years of work, dedication and commitment that we are seeing the success we see on court today and Lisa has contributed to that exponentially.

Congratulations Lisa and Enjoy!


Steph has been a dedicated and long serving member of the Chelsea squad over many years and is such a positive presence to have at the club.

She works hard at training and game day and leaves nothing in the tank. A super strong defender and quiet achiever, Steph is a great example in the way she carries herself on court and contributes to her team.

Head Coach Carly described Steph as one of the hardest defenders she’s ever played on, she’s relentless and an absolute pest to shake in the goal ring “I’d much prefer to be on Steph’s team than playing against her”.

A quiet achiever who just gets the job done, Steph should be really proud of this great achievement. Well done Steph!!

⭐️⭐️ Please join us in congratulating Lisa and Steph and ensure you get around them in the D grade and B grade games on Saturday!!

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